A minimalist black underlined NEWARTS logo represents our brand.

keep it simple!

NEWARTS is a minimalist everyday life inspired fashion brand. We create minimalist designs and illustrations and offer these at a width variety of products for online buying.

A minimalist ocean wave illustration premium tshirt which makes a great gift for all surfers and wave lovers!
A minimalist palm island print which makes a great present for all surfers and nature lovers!
A minimalist travel bus roadtrip illustration sweatshirt which makes a great gift for every traveller, surfer and wave lover!


Here you will find all our works. Almost every design is available in black and in white. Create easily your favorite new tee or a present for family and friends! 

Step1: Choose your favorite design out of our gallery
Step2: Choose your favorite product (T-Shirt, Hoodie, Mug, Bedding, Poster and many more)
Step3: Enjoy your new favorite thing

Our newartsdesign logo surrounded by a collection of chosen designs for an idea of our works and styles.

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